Garden tale


Garden Tale

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Life isn’t straight forward, we develop, let go and start again. Here is a little gardenstory I wrote recently:

The rain hits my leaves. I have just opened up, and have shown my beautiful flowers, which I have cared for since I started to grow. Now I can feel the sudden drops on my skin hitting me as hard as the heartbeats of a giant elephant. I feel small injuries in my splendour, decide to shed these wounds and drop my flowers. My gaze follows them as the wind throws them into the air and performs a dance in front of my eyes.

It's a funny dance which makes me sad at the same time. The flowers that once decorated me so beautifully drift further and further away.

My head becomes heavy, I sink to the ground and close my eyes.

The next morning something tickles my nose. "Hey, wake up you sleepy cat!" it whispers in my ear. I open my sticky eyes and glimpse at a new magnificent flower protruding beneath me. "Where did you come from?" I ask. "We were always there, but you didn't see us. You always look up and forget that you are more than the first bud. We are all waiting to be allowed to present ourselves.

But sometimes it takes a little longer. We saw that you were sad and shouted at you, but when you look elsewhere, you don't hear us. Don't you know that we also belong to you and that we all together make one thing? Together we strive and when it is time for us to leave, we also go together. Nice, if we get to know each other before, don't you think?"

I slowly look down at myself and I am fascinated by the curiosity that stretches out towards me. I feel into my leaves and branches that I didn’t know existed before. I move them and stroke over the buds below me. In fact, it feels like a miracle to embrace everything about me. How nice that there is still so much to discover.

copyright Brigitta Brain, 2022

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