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I just came across a post from Chris Rangel that made me write about my own ideas of being afraid. There are so many aspects of fear, the natural fear, the learnt fear, the imagined fear, the multiplied fear etc…

Children don’t know fear as we do. They seem fearless, going for something, just trying it out. Our adult mind presents us with many scare factors when we set out doing something new. It stops us because we learnt that failure is something bad or that doing something always results into xy.

Fear is a topic very close to my heart. I very much agree with Chris to be more courageous and to dare to do new/different/unusual things you would normally be afraid of. You might discover more parts of being you that are worth knowing about. Like a child we ought to go out, give it a go, add a new experience into our portfolio of life.

Saying that, we do have a history of experience and that can’t just be neglected. If you dare without knowing what you are gambling with, it may hit you hard if you don’t know what you need to protect.

When working with clients that suffer from panic attacks, I learnt that you need to identify your fear before you dare. Your fear has developed over time for a reason. Your fear only wants to protect a fragile/misunderstood/hurt part of you. This fear wants to be understood and put into perspective. Is it still relevant to protect you or can you put it aside for a certain action in the here and now? What inner strength can you call upon for this courageous step?

We can’t always predict how people react to something we do and we only find out once we do. Prepare yourself for this step, understand your fear, unfold your potential and unfold you!

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