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What set me on my path

I remember a scene from my childhood when I stood on the street and pinched myself on my arm. I realised I was alive, I felt where my body and mind ended and where the outside world began. I was curious what it means to feel, exist and think and this feeling has never really left my mind. Even when I decided to study business management, psychological behaviour has always been on the back of my mind. Step by step I have gained more knowledge during further studies, volunteering work experience and my own coaching/counselling praxis.

Besides my interest in human behaviour I am a very kinestetic person and I have the urge to feel life in every pore of my body. This desire led me to experience different cultures. The first of all was moving to the UK in 2003 where I also consequently met my now husband. Meanwhile we have moved several times with our family including Sweden and Austria. Life brought me back to Worcestershire UK in summer 2021 from where I work online and offline.
I am currently writing a story for my children, I love to cook, practice yoga, walk and run and spend time with my family discovering life in every shape and form - recently we had our very own bat hanging off the curtain and we learnt all about it!

I believe life is full of excitement and adventures but sometimes our vision turns foggy. When this happens, it is good to have someone to turn to. Are you interested in Coaching with time2unfold, Brigitta Brain? Just get in touch with me here.

What clients say

Many thanks for this amazing online event today. Originally the description of your event cought my eye and I got curious, so I booked the event. I hadn't anticipated that this would turn out to be such an intense seminar in which I would have the opportunity to actually reflect on my own problems. The exchange in the break-out rooms was very friendly and I have also received additional information. Thank you a million time! You have led the seminar very competen and at the same time heartly and very empathetically. All in all a truely wonderful and intense experience for me.

S.K., GermanyFeb 2021

Many thanks again for this inspiring and exciting workshop :) It's amazing how your workshop combine interesting, entertaining networking and exchange with our own time for self-reflection. Additionally I think your topics are always spot on and on the puls of time. I am looking forward to many more workshops with you :)

H.T, Germany, Feb 2021

Dear Brigitta, many thanks again for this fabulous event last night. At the beginning is felt stressed from the day and at the end I felt happy and had a smile on my face. I loved the 5 minutes dancing sequence, the writing exercises and the exchange with the other participants during the event.

B.K., Germany Jan 2021

Dear Brigitta, it was a great event! (strengthen your strenghts) I am astonished that so much depth is possible online. Congratulations to these events and many thanks!

K.H, Hamburg, Dec 2020

This was a truely wonderful webinar tonight. I am so much more refreshed and I feel much lighter. Many thanks!

K.A., Germany, Feb 2021

It was shortlived and inspiring evening in a christmassy atmosphere. Great methods and lovely exchange. Many thanks!

G.T., Germany, Dec 2020

I liked it a lot and I felt very well afterwards. I felt save and was guided gently by you to my inner feelings. I could anticipate what was, what is and could look into the future filled with hope.

C.B, Deutschland

Dear Brigitta, many thanks for this brilliant evening with you. You created a wonderful atmosphere. You showed me what is possible in the digital world and gave me so much courage and hope. Thank you for your appreciative approach with all of us and your shortlived and practical explanations. I have hang up my picture that we drew together and the "wonder" question took me a big step further and gave me strenght, just what I needed right now!

S.K., Germany, Feb 2021

I very much liked how you combined meditation and coaching elements. The structure of the evening was smooth and had a trustworthy atmosphere.

NN, Wien, Sept 2020

Dear Brigitta, I would like to thank you for setting up a great meeting and I would like to mention that all the points discussed in the meeting were crucial for my future growth and to make more progress in my work. I would like to say that the meeting was handles absolutely professional and congratulate you."

M., Vienna Sept 2020

Brigitta has a very calming touch and led the group where it was necessary.

J.T., Vienna 2020

In my opinion Brigitta did her job exceptionally well and managed to relate to the group as a whole very positively and professionally and to distinguish what each of us needed with a different approach! I am also thankful that she was very forthcoming towards me!

H., Vienna Aug 2020

I liked it’s very professional; you are very experienced and the sessions are smooth. Thank you!

H.H, Vienna Jul 2020

Brigitta has a very open and empathetical touch and creates space for every member in the group to express him/herself. Her precise and specific questions help to understand topics that lie deeper. At the same time she gives me the feeling that it is also ok just to breath and to just hold still for a moment. Her broad knowledge in psychotherapeutiv approaches helped a lot to see a different direction in life.

G., Vienna May 2020

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Experience & Education

Here is a list of my educational steps and work experiences:

Education & Certificates
  • Psychodrama stress management, Moreno institut Germany
  • Psychodrama writing trainer, ÖAGG Psychodrama Austria, Vienna
  • Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum, Arge Bildungsmanagement accredited by Sigmund Freud University, Vienna
  • Master of Science in Supervision, Coaching and Organisationsentwicklung, Arge Bildungsmanagement accredited by Sigmund Freud University, Vienna
  • Process consultant, Synnecta, Stuttgart
  • Diploma in NLP, Worcester UK
  • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
  • Master in business management (German Diplom Betriebswirtschaftslehre) with focus on human resources, Fachhochschule Pforzheim, Germany
  • Presentation techniques, personal development training for startups, Communication and negotiation skills, targets, Pforzheim, Germany
Experience in the business sector
  • Associate counsellor at Worcester Therapy Group
  • Counsellor and mental health trainer for an Employee Assistance Program, TERC
  • Coach and trainer for Training provider, BEST
  • HR training coordinator for Europe and Middle East Operations, Borealis
  • HR Business partner for Europe and Middle East Operations, Borealis
  • Manager Continuous Improvement Processes, Bosch
  • Management Coordinator for managing director, Bosch
  • Coordinator for health and safety, Bosch
Experience in the social and psychological sector
  • Psychological support of families in difficult situations, Verein Grow Together
  • Psychological facilitator in a self-help group for burnout & depression, Club D&A
  • Psychological support in old people homes, Marmoides nursing home
  • Business mentor for pupils, King’s School Worcester
Are you interested in Coaching with time2unfold, Brigitta Brain? Just get in touch with me here.