Reaching out during Coronavirus


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I’ve seen offers to cope with the crisis of coronavirus, apps, webinars, emergency phone numbers. So I think as a society we agree that we should look after our mental state. But are we really? Are we really saying the things we feel out loud or do you protect your family from your own fear and put on a brave face? Do you dare to turn to your loved ones and talk about your concerns, share your feelings and connect?

We need isolation strategies to deal with depression and anxiety more than ever. What do you do? Are you getting in touch with your friends and family more frequently to check upon them as well as be listened to, hugged virtually and feel you are understood? Using Brene Brown's shame idea, does it put shame in your head to reach out and put words to your emotions? Do you even want to protect yourself from saying it out loud and make it even more real? The thing with fear is, the less we share it the greater it gets… unfortunately. So, I can only suggest to acknowledge your feelings, assemble all your strength and do it anyway. Talk, share, connect! You don’t need to download anything for it, just a phone will do ;) as simple as it sounds, I know it does take strength to talk to someone, it is one of the biggest steps. Make that step-Now

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