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I recently talked with my family about what memories mean to us and why we have them.

I believe life is about building memories that last and give us joy and it is down to us how we capture and treasure them.

Here is one memory that I created recently. I went walking in the mountains, I watched every rock and root peeking out from the ground. Mainly not to trip over them but then I asked myself what kind of power that tree might have so it can expand through the hard rock and earth. The sky was blue and here and there I could see small waves of clouds. I gazed into the distance, becoming aware I was standing on an amazing feature in this world. Being high up on the mountain made me feel small. Looking around, I realised the trees have been here long before me, the sky and the wind will be here long after me. If I told the wind my worries, he would just take it away for me and tell me to just let go.

It wasn’t a long trip but in my memory I can press repeat any time. I can recreate the warm feeling of the sun in my face, the smell of grass and trees and hear the birds as well as the parachutes sailing by :)

Give it a go too and join my "Vienna self-reflection and awareness group" via meetup.

Make good memories last longer 💛😀

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