Life is unpredicatable

Nächste Events

Was ist derzeit los bei time2unfold, Brigitta Brain:

  • Brain Bites and Soul Snacks macht nun Sommerpause. In dieser Zeit werde ich auch nach UK umziehen.
  • Neue Kurse und online Events starten im Herbst und ich freue mich, Dich dann wieder zu sehen :)


Book and pens

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I grew up learning about consequences, it gave me the impression I could steer the world around me. Physics, maths, business strategies, psychology, don’t we seem to have all the answers?

When I became a parent I truly felt that things don’t go the way I intended. Life became unpredictable, nappy disasters on car journey to the airport, emotional outbreaks in the middle of a market square (and the kids had a tough time too!), counting to 10 became too short. Emotions arise out of nowhere, fire up and burst out in an explosion. My ways of thinking in consequences just didn’t help anymore. Whatever social environment you are in, workplace or now the crisis of coronavirus, we face the unknown.

In my work with people that suffer from depression and anxiety I keep coming across a believe that we ought to be perfect, keep it under control, be tough, be perfect. But how do we get out of it? Is it a dead end? No, it's not. Let's start to accept fear, confusion and sadness for what they are. All emotions are a part of you and also have the right to be heard. They may show you something about you, something hidden, something new. Something you care about. There isn't one answer, there are many on your way if you walk it.

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