Coach or friend?

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When we go into a coaching process, we often reflect on the roles we have in our life. What does my husband/wife expect of me, my children, my direct supervisor, my colleagues, clients, other departments etc?

Even coaches have multiple roles. Whether to be responsible for the target achievement of the direct client, his/her manager or HR. If you work as a coach inside a company, you have even more expectations about your role and you deal with internal dynamics. Both settings are always within a professional framework.

A very rarely asked question is, how does being a coach affect you outside a professional setting? In my Master Thesis back in 2011 I did some research about “how do coaches react, if a friend tells them a problem”. I found out that "coaching" between friends is a sensitive and complex topic due to individual dynamics within a friendship. What is appropriate for the one may be a taboo for the other.

If you are curious, I am presenting my outcome on Wed 26.08.20 17:00 - 18:00 and it is held in German. If you want to see the presentation, please click here.

TIP: My next workshops on time 2 stop, reflect and change are 1st, 8th, 9th and 16th September 2020. Sign up through my contact page.

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