1+1 Coaching

What is 1+1 coaching?

Coaching for individuals is a short term setting in which you and I shine light on your current situation in which you want to make a change. Unlike therapy or counselling, coaching needs a purpose and a specific target and mostly runs over 5 sessions for a topic. The first session is focused on finding out what your target is and what you would like to change. Sometimes knowing what you want to change is already halfway there. Also that is a purpose.

When is coaching useful

Coaching becomes a useful help in life when things get complex, irritating and one loses sight of what he/she wants to achieve. Sometimes our behaviour and mind set doesn’t work for a specific or new situation and we feel stuck and can’t see the tree in front of the forest. Using coaching tools and methods as well as myself as a mirroring partner I will help you understand the reasons behind the struggle as well as move your life into the direction you strive.

Here are some possible topics:
  • Difficulties in your studies
  • First job after school/studies
  • Conflicts at your workplace
  • Too much work
  • Desire to change career
  • Expatriation or repatriation
  • Back to work
  • My job as a mother

My coaching approach

My competencies in coaching are based on the systemic approach, meaning I see life from different angles and that we are influenced by our surroundings. We all walk in a world that is connected through our families we are born into, our partners we decide to live with and the colleagues, clients, managers or suppliers we work with. Understanding what influences us from outside can be a big part of coaching.

I see myself as an equal partner to you in the coaching process. I won’t tell you what to do, I primarily help you define your actions and next steps. As a neutral, open hearted and open minded coach I listen carefully to what you have to say and give my best to unfold your inner potential.

Confidentiality and trust

The most important basis for working with each other is that you find trust in me. I treat every discussion as strictly confidential. Unfolding strength and your potential can only truly happen if you feel safe and content with me being your coach. So we start easy with a first get to know each other session and by discussing your personal needs for your journey. Then take it from there. You can decide how much support you require and what topics are important for you right now.

The setting

One coaching session is set for 50 minutes and we decide together about the length and regularity of your coaching sessions depending on your personal needs and requirements. The first session or information evening is free in order for us to decide if we want to work with each other. After that, one session costs Euro 70. Alternatively you can purchase a block of 4 sessions for 240,-EUR which can be spread over 6 months.