Create a memorable #Happy Easter


I get photo reminders of past years and #Easter is always a nice one. Beautiful flowers, family, friends, eating out... It makes me sad to think it will be different this year. Yet, I believe we can beat the odds and make Easter 2020 worth the memory!

I think we deserve to make ourselves happy, have a special treat, do something unusual, something new. Leave your #work, #zoom calls (or not), #job searches, #disappointment, #coronavirus and more #hashtags behind you. We can deal with the challenges next week. Use the time to recharge, create happy moments for yourself or the people you live with and contact me for #coaching next week :)

Last year I introduced the Easter Egg treasure hunt to my kids. I cut out numbered Easter egg shapes, hid them (obviously) and they made up the words HAPPY EASTER afterwards. Great fun and can be done indoors too!

How are you going to make Easter happy for you this year? Share your ideas, I’d love to hear them :)

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